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Lady Gaga responds to Demi Lovato's criticism: I was not glamorizing bulimia

Lady Gaga insisted she wasn't glamorizing the eating disorder bulimia during her March 20 SXSW show in Austin, Texas.

Lady Gaga responds to Demi Lovato's bulimia criticism: 'I wasn't glamorizing bulimia'
Brown, Merritt/Getty Images

"I have struggled with an eating disorder for over 10 years and I take that very seriously," Lady Gaga told E! March 21. "I take the struggle of others very seriously."

Gaga came under fire after she had performance artist Millie Brown vomit on her while she sang the track "Swine" from her Artpop album (see video above at 2:25).

Numerous fans, including recovering bulimic Demi Lovato, slammed Lady Gaga for glamorizing the eating disorder bulimia.

"Sad. As if we didn't have enough people glamorizing eating disorders already. Bottom line, it's not 'cool' or 'artsy' at all," Lovato tweeted. Demi has since deleted the tweet.

Demi, 21, has struggled with anorexia and bulimia since age 8 and went to rehab in 2010 to treat her eating disorders, drug addiction and bipolar disorder. Lovato detailed her recovery in her memoir, Staying Strong.

Meanwhile, Lady Gaga claimed her provocative performance had nothing to do with bulimia and was merely a way to express herself artistically.

"This performance had absolutely nothing to do with any eating disorder, and we never intended for it to be taken that way," said Gaga. "I'm really proud of the performance and really stand by the message of rage and pain that we were trying to express in that moment."

In 2012, Lady Gaga revealed that she had suffered from the eating disorders anorexia and bulimia for 10 years:

Bulimia & Anorexia since I was 15...My weight/loss/gain since I was child has tormented me. No amount of help has ever healed my pain about it. But YOU have. My boyfriend prefers me curvier, when I eat and am healthy and not so worried about my looks, I'm happy. Happier then I've ever been."

The 5-foot-1 Gaga, who diets and works out obsessively to stay rock-star skinny, said she has finally learned to embrace her body, no matter what weight she's at. "I am in a really good place and I'm really, really happy," said Gaga, who does yoga and meditates to stay centered. "Constantly staying positive and enjoying life with other people, it's wonderful."

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