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Lady Gaga is ill with altitude sickness, currently hospitalized

Lady Gaga in the hospital
Lady Gaga in the hospital
Lady Gaga Instagram

Oh No! The gorgeous Lady Gaga has reportedly become ill with a case of altitude sickness in Denver, Colorado, according to a Thursday article by People. Gaga was in the Rockies for a concert, and after the event, she then was admitted into a local hospital for treatment of the ailment.

Luckily, Lady Gaga was feeling well enough in the hospital to take a selfie of herself wearing an oxygen mask and posting it on her Instagram account. Despite not feeling one hundred percent, the “Born This Way” singer looked stunning with classic black liquid liner and huge false eyelashes.

This may be Gaga’s first time encountering the potentially dangerous condition, stating that “Altitude Sickness is no Joke!” on her Instagram, according to a report in Extra. Denver’s official website has some simple tips to help dealing with the high altitude, such as limiting physical exertion (well, she did perform at a concert), abstaining from drinking alcohol and eating foods that contain the vitamin, potassium. Maybe Lady Gaga should try out some of these practices the next time she comes to the “Mile High City”.

Altitude sickness should be taken seriously. The illness can potentially cause death and being aware of the symptoms can alert someone to this great risk. According to U.S. National Library of Medicine and the National Institutes of Health, anyone traveling over 8,000 feet above sea level is at risk for altitude sickness. The most common symptoms are mild, like dizziness, shortness of breath, headache. It can also be can be severe, such as turning blue or pale, being unable to stand and coughing up blood.

Thankfully, there has been no word about any future dates of her “artRAVE” tour being cancelled. Her next concert will be held in another cannabis state, Seattle, Washington, on Friday. All of us are hoping Lady Gaga will rest well before her show that night.