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Lady Gaga goes nude again in support of performance art institute

Lady Gaga is now embracing a "stripped down" look to promote her new album.
Graham Denholm/ Getty Images

Lady Gaga has stripped down once again, this time going fully nude in a video posted on Wednesday. The “Born This Way” star is shown chanting on a wooden floor, sitting on a wooden chair in a river, walking blindfolded nude in the outdoors, and curling up naked with crystals. The 2:18 minute clip is a demonstration of The Abramovic Method, part of a workshop that encourages heightened awareness in “long duration performances.” Marina Abramovic's method also involves several different types of exercises that push certain (minor) limits of the human body. Eye-gazing, slow walking (and drinking), along with the use of crystals and other natural elements are pivotal parts of the experience.

Marina’s work is noted for embracing the relationship between the audience and the performer. Although she’s been practicing this kind of art since the 1970s, it is through Lady Gaga’s popularity that she’s gained recognition from mainstream audiences. At Abramovic’s institute, visitors sign a contract requiring them to stay for 6 hours. At the end of their stay, they are issued a certificate, thanking them for their participation.

Performance art seems to be taking over the entertainment world, as musicians search for new ways to express themselves. Gaga, who is revving up interest for her upcoming “ARTPOP” album, is known for her avant-garde approaches to music, and has fully embraced performance art. In 2010, she sported a meat dress at the MTV VMAs. The following year she made her entrance at the Grammys inside a giant egg.

Nudity appears to be a hefty component of the “Alejandro” singer’s re-emergence onto the pop music scene. She was photographed naked for V magazine, looking almost unrecognizable with minimal make-up and a huge mane of blonde hair. Gaga posed in the buff again, while seated on a chair made of electronic circuit boards, as the cover art for her new single, due out on Aug. 19.

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