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Lady Gaga disappoints at Roseland Ballroom farewell show

On a chilly Friday (March 28) night in Manhattan, and Associated Press are reporting that tourists, fanatics and paparazzi waited for Lady Gaga’s arrival at the Roseland Ballroom to perform her hour-long farewell concert series. When a yellow taxi adorning thousands of fake red roses pulled up to the entrance of the performance venue, everyone waited in anticipation for the famous monster to emerge from her reductive chariot. The door flung open and out jumped good old Lady Gaga, who was actually celebrating her birthday this very night,wearing a very disappointing costume.

Lady Gaga arrives at Roseland Ballroom in dreadful outfit.
Photo by Theo Wargo/Getty Images

With her short stature and sturdy body, Lady Gaga was seen wearing a nude skin tight cat suit with some sewed-on fake red roses on it. Not many, just a few for effect. It also had some crystals hot glued on it as well. This body stocking was paired with a hideous red-laced burka covering the G.U.Y. singer’s makeup-free face. It was sort of creepy with strange red tentacles dangling from the face patch. Worst of all is the fashion mistake of wearing hot pink stilettos with this red rose ridiculousness. This was by far the worst getup Lady Gaga has ever been photographed in. It was quite an insult to the legendary Roseland Ballroom to come dressed so inappropriately. Die-hard fans, paparazzi and little monsters couldn't get good photos of their beloved.

The venue was quite packed with music fans excited to see Lady Gaga’s new show. However, the attendees were not aware that they were getting a performance mostly sung live-to-track, over the original recorded vocals and often just lip-synced. This show is a packaged performance and not part of the upcoming ARTPOP ArtRave tour, which is allegedly experiencing poor ticket sales. Video footage of the show is posted online from several sources and features very "pitchy" vocals, although the audience, for the most part, still loved her.

Gaga performed her hits. She sang a slow ballad version of “Born This Way,” “Monster,” “Bad Romance,” “Just Dance,” “Poker Face (Acoustic Version),” “Applause,” and “G.U.Y.” While many reports say that she gave a strong energetic showing, many also have expressed distaste for the watered down and compressed hour-long, quick change theme park type show. Social media was ablaze with plenty of Little Monsters upset they will not be getting a full monty of a show.

Long time monster Tonya Panney Tweeted out:

She wore a big bushy brown and blonde wig, which looked good on her and enabled semi-flawless lip-syncing and camouflaged missed queues. Gaga changed costumes several times and sported, what appeared to be a baby bump in a few of the outfits. Her tummy is reminiscent of Britney Spears’ belly during the MTV performance of “Gimme More.” She may or may not have a baby-on-board, but she sure looks like it. She may be suffering water retention, gassy bloated stomach or just plain belly fat. We are not criticizing her, just making a serious observation that she could be carrying her NBC "Chicago Fire" "boyfriend's" baby.

Gaga’s choreography was a bit awkward, as she moved cautiously and out of step at times. However, her hip injury seems totally healed and those steel pins seem to give her no problems at all. It is a miraculous recovery for the pro-bulimia barf show star. Gaga straddled guys in mid-air and did all sorts of down and dirty stretches, turns and kicks, with the greatest of ease.

Ultimately, it was what it was-a fun night out.

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