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Lady Gaga collapses on stage in New Zealand (Video)


Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga appeared to collapse on stage during her performance of "Bad Romance" during her show in New Zealand on the Monster Ball Tour over the weekend.

While she was singing "Bad Romance," Gaga was said to have wobbled on her feet and she hit the ground exhausted.

According to the Daily Telegraph, the singer was forced to finish the rest of the song while lying on the floor in front of a bewildered audience.

There are several reports claiming that Gaga has been suffering from exhaustion which is due to her increased hectic schedule.

These pasts two weeks Gaga has been between the UK, New York, Los Angeles, and now New Zealand and Australia.

This past January Lady Gaga collapsed just shortly before her gig at Purdue University in Indiana.

Her publicist said this about the incident at the time:

“Due to exhaustion and dehydration, Lady Gaga collapsed and passed out before her show tonight in West Lafayette, Indiana.

“Her physician has advised her to take a few days off to rest.”

Below are two clips. One is the full length video and the other is a shorter clip from TMZ.


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