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Lady Gaga applies for Philip Treacy internship

Gaga in a Philip Treacy creation.
Gaga in a Philip Treacy creation.
Steve Granitz for Wire Image

In an age where the concept of celebrity has become so out of control that cars are mobbed by photographers, thousands of dollars in free clothes are simply handed to the wealthy while people starve, and rehabilitation facilities are "home away from home", leave it to Lady Gaga to -- once again -- be contrary.

The Grammy Award-winning artist has applied for a millinery internship with none other than Philip Treacy -- master of the unexpected and avant garde. He's created since-famous headwear for Isabella Blow, several Alexander McQueen models, and Gaga, herself.

I can't help but appreciate the lack of entitlement Gaga is exercising. Where another celebrity might simply ask to be hired (more realistically: ask for free products constantly), Gaga would prefer to learn the craft from the bottom up.

Still no word on the acceptance of Gaga in the Haus of Treacy... We can only hope that she gets accepted and starts popping up on blogs wearing 7" heels while getting 9 lattes and toting around spools of fabric.

That's what interns do, right?