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Lady Gaga accused of profiting off Japan charity bracelets

Won't somebody think of the children?
Won't somebody think of the children?
Daily Telegraph

Whoa. Happy Monday and welcome to 'Stars: they're huge douches' week in celebrity gossip. It appears the general theme of the last week of June is 'American famous people screwing over and insulting entire nations'. Lady Gaga is accused of pulling a Wyclef Jean and keeping some of the proceeds from her 'We pray for Japan' charity bracelets. Boo! Business Insider reveals that Lady Gaga is part of a class-action lawsuit filed Saturday that claims she overcharged on shipping and kept a portion of the $5 that each bracelet cost. Double boooo.

No word on the law firm behind the suit's evidence that she's been making a mint of tragedy, and no comment yet from the Gaga camp, other than her statement following a benefit concert in Japan over the weekend: "The recent events here really affected me, not just because I have so many fans in Japan, but because it's hard to watch a country struggle. But I can't let myself cry -- I have to be strong because [everyone in Japan] has been so strong. No one gave up for a second.

Um, hello, they obviously affected you because a day where you're not the center of attention is a day not worth living, Lady Gaga.