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Lady Blaze to offer winter hula hooping classes in Connecticut

So how many of you have made the New Year resolution to exercise more and get back into shape? How many of you have made one to start doing more cool things? Well, here’s a chance to do both.

Lady Blaze performs at the Wickerman Festival.
Wickerman Festival

Lady Blaze is back to offer new weekly hooping classes, this time with a couple of options. Every Wednesday at 7:15, beginning on January 9, you can take a class at City Climb Gym in New Haven. There is a drop-in fee of $18 per class, however if you register for all six, the price lowers to $15 per class. If you prefer Fridays at 7:00, there is a class offered at the Stanley T. Williams School Educational Department in Northford, which starts on January 11. For those of you who want attend a hooping class and are between the ages of 6 and 12, you are too young to be reading this column. But just in case you are or more likely you have a child between those ages, there is a youth class in Northford, which will go from 6:00 to 7:00 (also starting on January 11). In this class, mini hoopers can “Play games, learn hoop tricks, dance, and get a little silly.” You can get more information on fees and registration for either class in Northford through North Branford Parks and Recreation.

I took LB’s class in Northford, and I will tell you that even as adults, we got a chance to “Play games, learn hoop tricks, dance, and get a little silly.” I had such a great time and do plan on joining one of the upcoming sessions as my hooping skills have gotten rusty and I have so much more to learn.

LB is an amazing teacher as well. I learned so much from her and know you will too. A little more about the instructor from her Facebook page:

Also known as LB aka Lauren Beth Stein aka LBSpinnerZ.

Has been performing since she was a child going all the way back to her parents living room. LB started Hula Hooping at the age of 16 because it was something to do and soon fell in love with it and never stopped. Along with LED hoops and Stilt Walking, LB has been performing with fire for the last 8 years spinning hoops and devil sticks, breathing and eating fire and most recently took up staff and rope dart.

She often can be seen performing solo or with Cosmic Karma Fire and the New Haven Circus Collective. She is also a puppeteer with Waking Dream Giant Puppets.

It’s very likely you have seen Lady Blaze perform, whether you realize it or not. For example, if you were at First Night in Hartford just last night, you may have seen her do her fire show. (No, there will not be fire spinning in the classes, but the classes are your first step to fire spinning—first of many many steps; don’t try this at home, folks.) Maybe you saw her perform as a Chaz and AJ’s Bud Light Carnival of Yahoos Winner. Or perhaps you saw her during a halftime performance at a Connecticut RollerGirls bout (or seen her skate as Pam Terror with CTRG). I could go on, but you can also click on any of the links for more information.

What I will do, however, is share a video that captures highlights of LB’s performances in 2012. If you have any questions about whether or not there is anything you can learn from this woman, this video will assuage any doubts.

Oh, besides some really cool tricks, I learned something else from LB’s class that I want to tell you about. I leaned that not only is hooping great exercise and stress relieving, it is also the basis of an entire community of really friendly and talented people. To meet these fellow Connecticut hoopers and to get hooping tips, invites to hooping events, and general hooping information and news, check out Hoopdancers of Connecticut. I hoop you do! (Oh come on, how could I not?!)

Happy hooping!


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