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Ladies! Would you buy your own engagement ring?

How would you feel if you had to buy your own ring?
Photo by Stephen Shugerman/Getty Images

The idea of marriage always leaves us ladies blushing.

Granted, there are some of us who are focused on other areas of our lives where the thought of marriage is a distant thought. But for the most part, thinking of the day when that one special guy gets down on one knee and asks you to marry him does make your heart skip a beat and a smile pull at the corners of your lips.

Go on, admit it...I won't tell, I promise!

Now, what if you not only knew the proposal was going to happen but also bought the ring.

Should I enter the sound of a screeching car? Is this a deal breaker for you?

With interesting statistics suggesting that young couples are waiting longer and until they are older to get married, it turns out that's not the only non-traditional thing they are doing.

Take this real life scenario as an example. For the sake of anonymity, I've changed the names of the people involved.

There's a couple, Greg and Paulette, who have been dating for about 2 years. Greg decided that it was time for him and Paulette to take their relationship to the next level. Greg discusses his plans with close family members and they think it's a great idea and can't wait to officially welcome Paulette into the family.

One problem: Greg doesn't really have engagement ring money (read: $0 in savings and living check-to-check).

Geez, Greg...

What is a guy to do?

Greg tells Paulette that he's ready for marriage and wants to marry her. He proposes, well sort of, and tells her once he's saved up enough, he will get her a ring.

Paulette is like "oh no, I want a ring now..I'll buy it, no biggie." So she buys her own ring and hands it to Greg to slip it on her finger.

Do you feel the romance was sucked dry from that not-so-fairy tale all because Greg didn't buy the ring?

Truthfully speaking, as a culture, we do put too much emphasis on materialistic things (e.g., engagement rings).

If the most important thing in a marriage is marriage itself, should an engagement ring really matter?

It's worth noting that Paulette picked out the biggest and most shiniest rock she could afford.

On the other hand, there is just something really special about a "real "surprise engagement. Not knowing it's going to happen and seeing the ring for the very first time is simply magical and something every lady (and guy) should experience.

It showcases your beaus fine tastes, their organizational skills, and really tests if they know what you like when it comes to aesthetic goodies.

Greg and Paulette are a happy pair but Greg is like a turtle without his shell when explaining why his future wifey had to buy her own ring. It's almost as if he's been emasculated by a diamond, a really big diamond, avoiding the question of where he bought the ring and sometimes even lying - much to others chagrin.

However, which ever way you flip the coin in this situation the fact remains that the most important part of it all is the marriage, and how successful it will be.

But the question still remains: would you be fine with buying your own ring? And for the ladies (or the Greg's of the world), how would you feel if you were Greg or Paulette in this scenario?

Let's talk in the comments below!


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