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Ladies that look like us on TLC's 'I Found the Gown'

Prospective bride Shannan said, "I Found The Gown"  on TLC
DLC, care of TLC Network, used with permission

The third season of TLC's I Found the Gown premiered this weekend and we were awash in wedding dresses at a one-day sale. Vows Bridal Outlet, the store owned and operated by Leslie and Rick DeAngelo in Watertown, MA calls it Gown Rush. It is the I Found the Gown equivalent of a Black Friday sale.

The ladies and their entourages of family and friends lined up just like folks do outside Target and Wal-Mart, all to get a chance at a designer wedding dress for a bargain basement price. There were steep discounts available on dresses that Leslie and Rick find and sell for a fraction of their cost.

There was also the possibility that a bride might get one for free. Yes, you read that correctly. If there happened to be a gold coin sewn into the dress someone was ready to buy, she'd walk out without using a credit card or cash. Think that wasn't on everyone's mind at Gown Rush?

Amid the frenzy of dresses being tried on everywhere, with employees attempting to provide help to all who need it, there were women with bodies that looked familiar. Not that we knew these women, but their body types looked like those we see when we go to any store with a dressing room. Check out the TLC video posted here.

They were tall, short and in-between, average size, plus-size and whatever size the clothing industry calls us these days. It looked like a Spanx convention broke out. While cameras were careful not to catch anyone with her pants down, so to speak, there were plenty of images of women stepping into the dresses at the insistence of the Vows staff.

"No putting them on over your heads," said a Vows employee. "Like pants, step into them like pants."

After watching TV shows that make some of us feel bad about ourselves, with so many women vying for the smallest size found in the free world, it was refreshing to watch people you could relate to, root for and just plain like. Each bride had her own story about her wedding, the dress of her dreams and finding one she could afford and love at the same time.

In the second show of back-to-back episodes for the season three premiere night, we followed three ladies on a hunt for a style or particular designer, but with severe budget issues. Somehow, all walked away satisfied, although one young lady had to ask Mom to adjust the budget of her wedding to cut something out after overspending on the dress of a lifetime.

Vows is a place where dreams come true for regular women like us.

TLC airs new episodes of I Found the Gown Friday nights starting at 10:00 p.m. ET. Image credit: TLC, used with permission.

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