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Ladies on 'The Talk' discussed how changing your password can keep you positive

Ladies of "The Talk"
Ladies of "The Talk"
Photo by Mark Davis/Getty Images

One of the hot topics discussed by the ladies on CBS's "The Talk" on Friday was about how a positive password can change your life. Julie Chen, moderator explained to the other co-hosts what experts say about typing a positive code every day can help achieve goals and even improve your mood. Psychologists say that a password can serve as a powerful mantra, and when you type it daily, your entire negative attitude will change into a positive one.

Chen gave an example of Mauricio Estrella who had gone through a difficult divorce. He used the password "Forgive@h3r" to encourage positive thinking which helped him get free of the frustration he felt about the breakup. It melted the unforgiveness away from his life, and he was able to set positive goals for himself after the difficult divorce.

While Estrella stand by using positive passwords as powerful mantras to change his life, co-host Sharon Osbourne didn't buy into the explanation. She said we have gone too far with technology, and she didn't see how using a particular password could help anyone bounce back from a difficult divorce or anything else for that matter.

Co-host Aisha Tyler and co-host Sara Gilbert said they see how it could be a reminder each time someone types a positive password for them to see things differently. Chen reminded the group that in school when students did something wrong, their teachers made them write about a hundred times, "I will not..." Therefore, Chen believes that typing a positive password over and over again can definitely help a person change his attitude.

Co-host comedian Sheryl Underwood had something to say about passwords; however, she made a joke about the "Password" show with Allen Ludden that aired years ago. She said there had to be some positive associated with passwords by the way Ludden would say in a soothing manner, "And the password is..."

Experts and this writer believe that if you have to type the same password several times a day, it will definitely make an impact on your life. It will be a constant reminder of what changes you want to achieve. On his blog, Estrella says he changes his password into new goals every thirty days such as "Quit@smoking4ever" and "Save4trip@thailand." In fact, he even found love again, as the password "Ask@her4date" led to "Save4@ring."

Experts say that Estrella's technique can indeed be an effective strategy for improving one's outlook; especially considering how difficult it can be to combat negativity. Dr. Jeanne Decker, a Richmond, Virginia-based psychologist agrees that even though positive thinking is not as easy as it sounds, it helps to counteract negative thinking and negative feelings.

Do you believe you can change your attitude and mood by using positive passwords? Are you willing to give it a try to see if it works for you?

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