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'Ladies of London': Caroline Stanbury is headed to the states

Caroline Stanbury
Photo by Ben A. Pruchnie/Getty Images

“Ladies of London” is the newest Bravo show. While it is sort of like the “housewives,” there are differences as well. Many of the women are married to prominent men, and most of them rarely appear on camera. The cast has several American-born women mixed with the true British ladies. Caroline Stanbury has become the break-out star of the show. She is the lady women want to be, and the woman men want to date. According to a June 30 report from Lalate, Caroline Stanbury is headed to Los Angeles. What is she going to do in the states?

While there are several ladies on “Ladies of London” who have developed fan bases, the two who seem to interact with their fans the most are Caroline Stanbury and Marissa Hermer. Stanbury is quite posh, but also has a softer side to her when dealing with the other ladies. There has even been a craze to duplicate Stanbury's haircut, much like the Jennifer Aniston hysteria in the 90s. Hermer is more laid back, which is part of her appeal. She isn't overly giddy about the British events, but she is able to show excitement with the different traditions.

Twitter has been buzzing with tweets both about and from Caroline Stanbury. She was definitely a celebrity before “Ladies of London,” but now the American girls are jumping on the bandwagon to follow her. Stanbury has taken to answering her fans, which is something many appreciate. Even with a business and children at home, Stanbury takes the time to acknowledge people watching the show and their comments. It is a nice change of pace from the other “housewife” groups.

“Ladies of London” airs Monday nights on the Bravo channel. It is still very new, but it looks like the audience is growing with each episode. Season 1 features plenty of drama, much of which has to do with a well-known divorce happening and royalty. If you haven't tuned in to check the show out, you are missing out on some fun.

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