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Ladies Night at Centennial Gun Club is fun and educational

Centennial Gun Club Ladies Night
Photo: Heather Maloney

The sport of shooting has recently received an influx of new enthusiasts who have found out how enjoyable target shooting can be. Many of these new participants are women. Whether it is for self defense training, target training or personal safety, women are becoming more prevalent at the gun range. While this is true, to someone who has never been around or used firearms, going to a range can be an intimidating proposition, especially for women. Many refer to firearms and shooting as a 'man's club'. With this imaginary barrier to cross as well as the idea of wielding a firearm for the first time, many women choose not to visit their local range. Luckily for those who live in the Denver area, Centennial Gun Club hosts an amazing Ladies Night that creates a fun and welcoming atmosphere; designed to put even the most nervous shooter at ease.

Taking place every second and forth Tuesday of the month, Centennial Gun Club pulls out all of the stops to host a truly special event. From the friendly greeters to the amazing Range Safety Officers on duty, even the novice attendee will leave feeling at ease and accomplished.

Registration Online or In Person

The first step in attending any gun range event is registration. You have the choice to register and pay the $10 admission fee in person or utilizing the friendly website. In about five minutes you can be set to go simply by entering your information online. If you select the online option, you can simply walk into the club prior to the event and enter the training room where directed and sign in. It is that simple and you are ready to have a great time.

Range Time

When you sign in for the event at the club, you will be given a number. This is the order that the attendees will be directed to the range in small groups. If you have never fired a handgun before, simply let an employee know and they will help you through the process. The first shot may a bit scary, but make sure to keep trying. It is an empowering and enjoyable experience.

While inside the range, you will be helped by a group of friendly and knowledgeable Range Safety Officers. These men and women are not only in the range to enforce the safety rules, however during the Ladies Night Event they are happy to help you with the handgun you are using and walk you through how to load, handle and fire the handgun.

Training Opportunities

If you arrive a bit late or happen to receive a later number, do not fret. Throughout the night, Centennial Gun Club hosts a training or educational topic and have ongoing activities in the training room. These topics vary for each event, however they have had a professional rifle shooter come and speak, talked about conceal and carry insurance and even held training presentations including the use of their state of the art simulator. For the upcoming April 22, 2014 event, the topic will be conceal and carry holsters and handbags.

Meet fellow enthusiasts

From newbies to experienced lifelong shooters, Ladies Night is a great place to meet other women. The environment is supportive and friendly. Even if you don't attend every event, odds are that you will leave with a new friend or acquaintance.

Try a new firearm

Besides the amazing low price for range time, Ladies Night is truly special because the club allows you to try one of their rental handguns with the cost of registration. You simply need to purchase the ammunition at the range. Therefore if you currently own a .22 caliber and are looking to purchase a 9mm, Ladies Night is the best time to see if you are in fact comfortable with a larger caliber firearm and which model fits in your hand. When you attend the club for normal range time, not only is the admission more expensive, however if you do not bring your own firearm you would need to rent one at an additional cost.

If you have never fired a handgun you can simply show up at the club. For $10 and the cost of ammunition, Centennial Gun Club will help you with every other aspect from simple training to a firearm that you can try. Such a friendly a supportive event is rare, and the other attendees and employees will make you feel at home. This is an event not to be missed.

For more information, please visit the website.

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