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Ladies, looking for your inner Goddess?

Okay, while not everyone is a Brittney Spears fan, watching her Stronger video can inspire an admiration for her dancing with the chair, right? Just watch the video below.

These ladies found their inner dancing queens!
The Better Class Charlotte

Anyway, now there's an opportunity to dance that way. Every Monday starting tonight The Better Class will be hosting a course in working that chair and the stripper pole. . . no dirty thoughts people, it’s an actual workout regime. Goddess 101: Pole Dance Instruction makes the dancing easy:

This class breaks down those flashy moves on the pole into manageable, easy-to-learn steps. Classes will alternate between pole and chair dance and wall and floor routines (so says the Facebook invite).

There’s even a complimentary cocktail to kick off the evening, which will really help unleash that inner Brittney. In fact, without it, this writer couldn't find her inner dancing queen.

The event will start at 7pm tonight at the Morehead Street Tavern and lasts for an hour. Also, it’s $15 a ticket, and pre-registration is required. For updates as to where each class will be held, check The Better Class website.

And now for a little inspiration. . .


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