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Ladies, finally comfy travel/workout wear that shapes you: MSP by Miraclesuit

Ladies, finally comfy travel/workout wear that shapes you: MSP by Miraclesuit
Ladies, finally comfy travel/workout wear that shapes you: MSP by Miraclesuit
MSP by Miraclesuit

When you're trying to be comfortable while working out or presentable while flying, it's often hard to find outfits that also benefit your shape. I know what you're thinking: I too, usually want to err on the side of comfy. But ladies, that's not always doing ourselves justice!

Here's a good story as to that. When I was downtown all the time as a practicing attorney, I used to work out at this big-time gym in my city. "Everybody who is everybody" worked out here, meaning, you might see them on Homicide or Meet the Press. I would show up to work out in cut-off sweats and an Elmo t-shirt. I was just trying to work out!

There was this other lady lawyer who was in law school at roughly the same time I was. She pretty much wore stripper gear to work out, flinging it in the faces of everyone who had some judicial branch power. Yuck! No, I didn't change my ways, but I did notice that she got a lot of favors in court.

So, ladies, let's play it smart! Let's look good, feel good and be appropriate when traveling or working out with new MSP by Miraclesuit. Yes, the folks behind Miraclesuit have created a line of active wear and I was glad to be hosted to experience it!

Of the collection, there are a few items that do come in extended sizes, so I wanted to report on that: I like being inclusive and being included!

Now, the active wear doesn't have the same high-cinching as the swimwear. The swimwear does do some miraculous shaping, but it well, takes a village. The active wear is totally comfortable. The Color Block Tank with Interior Bra and Core Control comes in hot pink or turquoise with black, doing some trompe l'oeil color tricking. It's fit and flare, with a more swimwear cut in front than traditional active wear. I would definitely suggest use of some sunscreen for the décolletage. You'll look plenty cute, yet be in control.

You could pair that with a color-coordinated Crop Pant Legging with Core Control or Bootcut Pant with Core Control in black. Going down South? The bright colors will be swell and appropriate. If you're going on an international flight and will be going through customs, I would say the bootcut pant is what you want and less likely to draw unwanted stares.

I would also suggest these items for hiking in cool weather, heading down to a hotel gym and perhaps early morning market jaunts.

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