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Ladies: be happy on Valentine's Day

photo by Brittany Bowling

Valentine's Day can be a very high pressure date for many men, to avoid turning a day of romance into a day to break up follow these simple tips.

Be reasonable.

When it comes to Valentine's Day remember to play fair. Never expect to receive more than you give.
If your significant other is expected to buy you a gift, plan to give one .

While the woman might be the one providing the romance on a day to day basis in most relationships, many ladies decide to sit back and wait for it to happen on Valentine's Day. Is dinner more romantic if he makes the reservations? Getting involved in the planning won't ruin your day and if he does want to surprise you he can always step up and ask you to leave him to it.

Be forgiving.

Do not criticize him for choosing the wrong restaurant. Do not complain that he got the wrong gift. If he made the reservation and got a gift he made an effort, appreciate it. Not every guy does something nice for his Valentine and not every girl has a guy to do something nice for her.

If you can keep in mind that he did try and stay positive you will have a better time than if he had done everything perfectly. Your attitude will go a long way in deciding how happy you are on this day of love.

Be the planner.

If you have a very specific sort of romantic evening planned, make an effort to make it happen. Make the reservations yourself, drop lots of hints about what sort of gift you are hoping for and let him know that you will put in the effort so it can be a nice evening for you both.

If you feel especially sweet you can cook or plan a naughty night in and slip into some sexy lingerie. In spirit this is a holiday for lovers and sometimes expressing that love means ignoring the holiday altogether and just enjoying each other (in a sweet sense or a carnal one).

Be casual.

Some of the best dates are ones that went completely wrong and some of the best gifts are things you never would have chosen for yourself. When things go wrong relax and let life happen, a little overcooked pasta won't ruin your date unless you make it into something more. If you slip and break your ankle on the way to dinner and have to stay in the emergency room till midnight, head over to Ian's Pizza, have a slice of whatever looks appealing and give your man a big kiss for being patient.

Valentine's Day is just one more day on the calendar and over thinking it is the easiest way to have it go wrong. Let go and give yourself the chance to really enjoy your Valentine's Day.


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