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Ladies, Are you thinking what HE'S thinking?

Are you thinking what HE'S thinking?
Are you thinking what HE'S thinking?

If your love-life sucks, then pay attention...OR continue to pay the heavy price. OUCH!

1) Keep any pre-date research you did on Facebook or Google quiet and to yourself, at least until you’ve been seeing this new guy of yours for a month. It sounds crazy, but once we guys know that you want us and like us, you've already lost. The key is to keep us guessing.

2) Guys who were recently dumped should be avoided. For you, dating these men is an exciting step into the unknown... but also a dangerous one. Chances are you’ll nurse him back to emotional health, boost his self confidence and then he’ll drop you after he feels better. Then he'll move on to try his luck with some supermodels.

3) During a dinner date, you should eat whatever you really want to eat. Men like it when you chow down (unless you're already a cow). Girls who love their food tend to like other sensory pleasures as well. Hearing a girl say ‘Just a salad’ is not at all attractive. So....gobble, Gobble!

4) If you don’t hear from him soon after that first encounter, assume he lost your number or that he is really not interested. If it makes you feel better, text him ONCE and if he doesn’t reply within a couple of hours...then just face the facts: If he’s not trying to see you or be with you and doesn't respond quickly, then he’s not interested. Period. It is that save your self respect and dignity and giddy-on up outta there.

5) If you like him a lot, do not go home with him. For the 1,398th time ladies......... IF YOU REALLY, REALLY LIKE THE GUY AND YOU CAN SEE HIM AS THE FATHER OF YOUR BABIES, THEN DO NOT GO HOME WITH HIM.

You must always be very stingy with the nookie.

You MUST leave him wanting more. Tease him with a smile.

Be a freakin' lady!

My advice is a kiss on the cheek for date #1, a regular kiss on date #2, a nice and hearty make-out session on date #3 and so on. The longer you wait, the better. Men love the chase and a slow and GRADUAL dispursement of your private “goods” is the way to a man's respect for you, his desire for you...and to his heart.

    Now on the other hand, if you really don't like him that much.....feel free to slut it out and bang him 'til your eyeballs fall into the back of your skull.

    Until next time...

    Mark Aguirre

    Confidence Coach

    Killer Confidence – Los Angeles

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