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Ladies and Gentlemen I Give You... Poison Ivy

They have done it again folks. The DC Comics Premium Format Figure collection now contains another gorgeous, hand-painted gem. Poison Ivy, the brainy beauty with carnivorous plants, is the latest to join the line of oversized lovelies.

The lovely and lethal Ms. Poison Ivy from Sideshow Collectibles.
JK McCauley
DC Premium Format Poison Ivy Figure
Photos: JK McCauley, Statue Specs: Sideshow Collectibles

The origin story of Pamela Isley is complicated, depending on which “origin” you would rather follow. During the Silver Age of comics, Pamela was a botanist turned criminal, all in the name of love, or more likely, lust. She became a liability to the criminal Marc LeGrande and was poisoned. This gave her immunity to most toxins and the ability to control and communicate with plants.

During the Modern Age of comics Isley was a beautiful Seattle college student that fell under the seductive spell of her professor, Dr. Jason Woodrue; once again, succumbing to the temptations of, dare I say it, pheromones. Love turned on Pamela for the second time. In this case Dr. Woodrue conducted botanical experiments on her which resulted in the same side effects as her original origin story. Whichever backstory you dig the most, the results were the same; Pamela became Poison Ivy, Eco-terrorist and Batman foil.

This particular Ivy’s backstory begins with amazing Stan Lau (Design), Kirs Anka (Design), Dylan Forman (Design), Mark Newman (Sculpt), and Kat Sapene (Paint). Made from Polystone and standing at a mere 21”, this sexy lady with the poisonous kiss has her man eating plants wrapped around her curvaceous figure, ready to protect and serve.

Unfortunately, you can find this 1:4 scale beauty waitlisted at Sideshow Collectibles or Forbidden Planet in the UK which is awaiting a July shipment!


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