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Ladies and Gentleman, This Week in Review!

Brock Lesnar
Photo by Sam Greenwood/Getty Images

Ladies and Gentleman, my name is..Okay it doesn’t get the same reaction but now that’s a catchphrase. It is something fun to say in regular conversation. You know you have struck gold when something so simple (“IT DOESN’T MATTER”, “YES YES YES”, “yup yup yup,what it do”…okay maybe not the last one but I can’t help but take a shot at that guy) can be a game changer. Speaking of game changer: Brock Lesnar is back! But before that, lets break down what happened over this weekend/week so far!

  • WWE Battleground-- I was impressed with this pay per view (didn’t watch last years because it wasn’t included in the network). The results-Cameron beat Naomi (kind of shocked here), Adam Rose beat Fandango (thanks for the last minute add WWE, not that he would have won the battle royal), Rusev beat Jack Swagger by count out, Rollins and Ambrose didn’t happen due to HHH barring Ambrose from the building. I did like that move so their match can take place at SummerSlam (more anticipation, more payoff). The Uso’s beat the Wyatt Family in the tag team match of the year (nominee) to retain the titles, along with A.J defeating Paige to keep her title. Paige had a heel turn on A.J on Raw so this feud is only heating up.
  • Jericho vs Wyatt-- Jericho beat Bray Wyatt clean (which confused me). Sometimes thinking too much (even in Pro Wrestling) allows you to ruin what the guys are doing on the television. That is part of the reason why I try not to tweet during PPV’s. With the attack on Jericho on Raw, this feud is loading up to have a big pay off for both of these guys. I'm looking forward to a specialty match at the summer's biggest event.
  • WWE World Heavyweight Title- With the speculation of them retiring the World Heavyweight belt soon, (which is sad because it is the greatest belt in Pro Wrestling History) John Cena will have to stop wearing the titles around his neck. He can cut the same promo’s he did in 2006, but show a little more respect to the gold. As expected, he came through in a pretty good fatal four way match on Sunday and was not on Raw. However, his SummerSlam oppenent was revealed on Raw after HHH wanted people to impress him.
  • BROCK LESNAR!- ‘Eat, Sleep, Conqour the Streak’ has made his first return to WWE since beating the Undertakers streak at WrestleMania! After making it official by shaking the C.O.O’s hand, Brock Lesnar will be going to Los Angeles to take on John Cena. I absolutely hated when Lesnar first returned to WWE that they had Cena go over against him at a none ‘big four’ ppv. There is not an athlete in the world like Lesnar. A champion wrestler in college, a champion in Pro Wrestling, a UFC champion and he walked into an NFL locker room and made their practice squad (didn’t play football in college) like a real life Longest Yard tale.

    SummerSlam is starting to take shape, podcasts from Jim Ross & Chris Jericho were very good this week ( then scroll down to sports), and Mattell has released a Sting figure at San Diego Comic Con. Stay tuned for a review of SummerSlam 96, and if you get lost, follow the buzzards!

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