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Lad, the collie who was shot in the face, makes a celebrity friend

Lad is showing vast improvement and he is garnering attention from around the world.
Rebecca Eaves

Lad continues to improve and garner attention from around the world. This one dog in Louisville has people following him from as far away as Norway, Canada and even Australia. Now he has a new admirer. Wynonna Judd has taken an interest in him.

Wynonna Judd called The Arrow Fund today and spoke with Rebecca Eaves, the director, for over an hour. She expressed her appreciation for the work that has been done to save him and spoke with the surgeons at Blue Pearl to thank them for their hard work.

While a celebrity phone call is an incredibly exciting event there was more excitement to be had today. Lad was moving his tongue and trying to drink. He was able to get some liquid down that way. He is being fed through the feeding tube and his food intake will be increased daily.

He showed more of his sweet nature as well. When Rebecca was visiting him he was eager to play. Even though he has suffered terribly at someone’s hands, he still wants to play and be loved. He is still just a puppy, albeit a large one, and hopefully now he can enjoy the rest of his life surrounded by love and happiness.

The investigation continues as Davvies County searches for the person who shot this poor dog in the face multiple times. The Arrow Fund promises surprises in the future and looks forward to a speedy recovery for Lad. They ask that people continue to donate and send prayers and love because Lad’s journey of healing is far from over. Perhaps knowing that he has the love support of people all over the world as well as that of Wynonna Judd, will help.

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