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Lad, the collie who was shot in the face, is looking better

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Lad came to The Arrow Fund weighing only 41 pounds, and now just 5 days after surgery that required to removal of the majority of his lower jaw, he weighs in at 45 pounds. He is still being fed through his feeding tube, but he was taken off of all IV drips. Now any medicine he needs will be administered through his feeding tube.

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Once his stitches are removed the staff at Blue Pearl in Louisville will attempt to hand feed him wet food. It is likely that hand feeding will be a necessity for Lad. Once he is fully recovered from his surgery they will explore the possibility of reconstructing his lower jaw, however this it is not guaranteed

According Rebecca Eaves, the director of The Arrow Fund, Lad has a zest for life. He exhibits it every day in his desire to play and love. In spite of the pain he has suffered he still loves human contact and would much rather be playing than resting to help his recovery. She says that she knew from the moment she saw him that he wanted to live, that he was a fighter. Now he is eager to play and engage. He does not want to stay crated when people are near, he would rather be playing like the puppy he is.

The Arrow Fund is still seeking donations to help with Lad’s medical expenses, which will be vast. The hunt is still on for the person that did this to this poor dog. Davvies County Animal Control is handling the investigation. Hopefully there will be justice for Lad.