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Lad, the collie who was shot in the face, improves and makes a new friend

The Arrow Fund continues to help Pad and takes on another case.
The Arrow Fund continues to help Pad and takes on another case.
Ashleigh Shelton

Lad has had his share of problems in his short life. In spite of his troubles, things are looking good for him. The Blue Pearl in Louisville and The Arrow Fund are giving him a second chance at life.

On Feb. 18 he had some trouble with is feeding tube, but thanks to the team at Blue Pearl the issue was swiftly resolved. He was taking food and his spirits were high. On Feb. 19 he underwent surgery to remove the tooth that was shattered by one of the three bullets that destroyed his lower jaw.

He came through the surgery well thanks to the staff at Blue Pearl, and his future continues to look brighter. After his surgery he was alert and engaging. He pawed at Rebecca Eaves, the director of The Arrow Fund, to get her to pet him more. She plans to start removing the mats from his fur soon. Already they have been cut from around his ears in in doing so it was discovered that a bullet may have struck his right ear, because it is split down the middle.

Every day he shows more of his amazing spirit. On Feb. 21, The Arrow Fund took in another difficult case and that one is being treated at Blue Pearl as well. The poor dog underwent a long surgery and once he was resting in a crate Lad approached him as if to offer comfort. The investigation is still ongoing for Lad’s case. An investigation is underway for the new dog in The Arrow Fund’s care as well. The Arrow Fund does still need donations, but they also desperately need fosters who are willing to help animals they rescue until they find their forever homes.