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Lad, the collie who was shot in the face, continues to improve

Lad continues to improve.
Rebecca Eaves

Lad has proven to be a remarkably lucky and resilient dog. He has survived three gunshot wounds to the face and is making great strides toward recovery. The Arrow Fund is helping this dog recover at Blue Pearl animal clinic in Louisville. Both The Arrow Fund and the staff at Blue Pearl are going to amazing lengths for Lad.

The feeding tube seems to be working well for Lad. So far he is showing no signs of re-feeding syndrome. His body appears to be reacting well to the reintroduction of food and his weight is holding steady. The amount which he is fed will be upped as days go by.

Today he has achieved more movement in his tongue. He is trying to use it to groom himself and trying use it to drink. IV pain medication, IV antibiotic and fluids are still being administered. In spite of all of that he seems in great spirits. He has also tested negative for heart worms.

The search still continues for the person who harmed this poor dog. If you have any information that might lead to apprehending whoever is responsible for Lad’s pain please contact Davvies County Animal Control. Please continue to send Lad your love, support and donations. He still has a great deal of rover ahead of him.

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