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Lad, a collie, survives gunshot to the face

The Arrow Fund rescues animals who have suffered severe abuse.
The Arrow Fund rescues animals who have suffered severe abuse.
The Arrow Fund

Lad, an eight month old male collie, has survived a gunshot to the face. It is believed he was shot over a week ago. He was picked up by Davvies County Animal Control on Sunday night and at 1 pm yesterday he was rescued by The Arrow Fund. The Arrow Fund helps rescue abused animals in the Louisville area.

After he was picked up by Davvies County Animal Control they sent him to a vet to be checked out. When he was there he was not given any pain medication, antibiotics or IV fluids. Thankfully Animal Control contacted The Arrow Fund, and he is now receiving proper treatment.

His jaw is badly broken and there is debris of bone and teeth embedded in his gums. The jaw hangs at a disjointed angle. He is terribly emaciated and on the scale of one to nine he is a one, which is the lowest he can be and still be alive. While he may look full and fluffy, it is merely the collie’s trademark fur that hides a sad skeleton of a dog. He is so thin it is possible to touch between his ribs. While he fills out one of Blue Pearl's largest crates, he only weighs in at 41 pounds. The emaciation is so extreme that he can only be fed small amounts by a tube inserted down his throat.

Surgery is the only hope for Lad, unfortunately his wound was terribly infected and he had a fever yesterday as well so it had to wait until those issues could be treated. There was some improvement in Lad last night. The fever came down and he was even able to get up to urinate when taken outside.

Today Rebecca Eaves visited him at Blue Pearl Animal Clinic in Louisville. The smell of rotting flesh was overwhelming and tissue on his jaw appeared black, but he seemed much more responsive. She spent some time giving him some much needed love. Whenever she would stop he would paw at her to continue.

It has been discovered that he has three gunshot holes in his lower jaw. At present Lad’s case is being investigated by Davvies County Animal Control and Davvies County Sheriff’s Department. Lad’s continuing care will be costly and The Arrow Fund is asking for donations to help this poor boy.

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