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Lacoste L!ve Pour Homme: Review

Lacoste L!ve Pour Homme: Review
Lacoste L!ve Pour Homme: Review
Lacoste L!ve via Ginae

Lacoste L!ve was introduced this year, for Summer and is meant to compliment the Lacoste L!ve clothing line. It is available for 40ml and for 100ml Eau de Toilette.

Lacoste L!VE is a new collection that’s all about invoking the playful, innovative spirit of the man behind the crocodile, René Lacoste. It draws from a colorful, sporty heritage and impeccable French elegance and mixes it up with contemporary styles to appeal to a young, style-savvy audience. Never taking itself too seriously, Lacoste L!VE dares to strike an irreverent tone. René would be proud.

Lacoste L!VE

Received from Lacoste:

1 100 ml Bottle cologne

The package is well designed and pleasing to the eye. The box is red on two sides and white on two sides, the bottom and the top. The inside is blue. It's creative without being too much. The bottle itself is blue.

Two of the key aromatic ingredients are lime and water and while there is a citrus aspect to the fragrance, there is also a slightly woody essence. It all comes together beautifully and smells incredible! It's clean. It's sharp.

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Lacoste L!ve

Lacoste L!ve Eau de Toilette




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