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Lackie Lue Needs Help With Surgery to Repair Broken Jaw

Lackie Lue
Lackie Lue
Sheree's Dog Rescue

It’s not uncommon in animal rescue to rescue a seemingly healthy dog, only to find out in the vet check-up that there is an old injury that has contributed to a lower quality of life. Lackie Lue deserves a chance to be free of pain and find her forever home where she is loved and cared for.

In Lackie Lue’s case, it has been discovered by the rescue group, Sheree’s Dog Rescue that she has a horribly broken jaw. How would a dog have a broken jaw and no one detect it and fix it?

This must have caused her terrible pain while she was trying to eat. Since it was never repaired, it healed incorrectly. Secondarily, this has caused poor dental health.

When a dog is in pain, or trying to heal from illness or injury, they will also display abnormal behavior patterns. In Lackie Lue’s case, she tries to protect the pain in her face when someone comes near her face.

Lackie Lue will need surgery to correct the broken jaw. She will have to have her jaw wired shut for a few weeks while it heals in place correctly. She will then be able to find her forever home and be able to play and eat without pain.

Sheree’s Dog Rescue is requesting assistance for Lackie Lue’s surgery. There is a Chip-In account created for this surgery. If anyone would like to sponsor Lackie Lue’s surgery, please contact Sheree’s Dog Rescue.

If you would like to adopt, please search Sheree's Dog Rescue for dogs available for adoption. If you would like to foster, or offer assistance in any other way, please contact Sheree's Dog Rescue.


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