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Lack of school safety continues with shooting at Santa Monica College

While Barack Obama was at a fundraiser 10 minutes from Santa Monica college, a gunman went on a rampage near and on campus. It is feared he may have had help, and an arrest was made. The incident began with a fire at a nearby home and ended with the shooting death of the gunman in the college library.

The identity of the gunman nor his motives have yet been revealed, but the fact is that he killed and endangered young adults at the two year college boasting a population of 34,000 students. Not only was the campus teeming with college students, but elementary school kids could also be found on campus such as the children from Citizens of the World Charter School who were visiting the college to view a planetarium show.

The shooting had no effect on the Presidents event with the exception of Secret Service being aware of the issue.

A great deal of information is being withheld on this incident which has to be frustrating to parents of students at the college, and across the nation. It is very frustrating to be reminding, less than a year after the Newtown Connecticut school shooting that academia is not longer a safe place. It is also frustrating that not much has been done to make it safer to send your kids (of any age) to school.


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