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Lack of NES Remix on 3DS explained

NES Remix was made with the WiiU in mind
NES Remix was made with the WiiU in mind

When Nintendo announced the NES Remix series, fans thought it would be a perfect game for the 3DS. However it would end up being a WiiU only title, and with NES Remix 2 coming out soon, Nintendo has explained why.

In an interview with IGN, series director Koichi Hayashida explained why the games were made for the WiiU as opposed to the 3DS.

"I was working on (Super Mario) 3D World, which was developed on Wii U. So I was already familiar with the system's architecture and developing for that platform lent itself to the early stages of the project."

“But, if you step into the shadows a bit more, in order to accomplish what we wanted with NES Remix, and get the effect we wanted out of it and the value that we wanted it to have, we needed some more machine power.”

Hayashida further explains that the lack of power that the 3DS gives would have made it difficult to develop for. Instead focus shifted to the WiiU, a system he was already comfortable with.

The NES Remix games feature new challenges in the worlds of old games from the Nintendo Entertainment system. Some fun remixes include putting Link into the world of Donkey Kong and having Mario try to get through a stage with invisible platforms.

Nes Remix 2 is set for an international release on April 25, a day after it comes out in Japan. The game will feature a mode where gamers can play through a mirrored version of the original Super Mario Bros. game while playing as Luigi.

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