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Lacey Spears sodium death of son: Munchausen by proxy in sodium overdose death?

Lacy Spears charged in the sodium death of her five-year-old son in what may be a case of Munchausen by proxy. The 26-year-old woman is accused of medically torturing her son for years, chronicling his illness on social media and today she is accused of giving her son a fatal overdose of sodium, according to USA Today on June 18.

Mother accused of feeding her son a toxic amount of sodium in what may be a Munchausen by proxy case.

The Alabama native surrendered to authorities in New York today. She is accused of administering him this fatal dose of sodium through a feeding tube he had in his stomach. She allegedly did this while he was in the Nyack Hospital, located in New York.

Spears pleaded "not guilty" in a Westchester County court on Tuesday, hanging her head down and saying very little, according to CBS News. Spears' son Garnett was fitted with a feeding tube because of nourishment issues.

Court documents indicate that Spears took the boy into the hospital bathroom and poured the sodium into the tube. She is accused of deliberately feeding her son a toxic level of sodium. Her computer shows that this was something she researched a while back on her computer.

The prosecutors took months to get this case together talking to people both at the hospital and people that Spears knew as friends. They went through tens of thousands of pages of medical documents on Garnett Spears investigating his death.

It is believed that Spears poisoned her son at least twice. The first time it is believed the poisoning put him in Nyack Hospital back on January 17 and again while he was in the hospital on January 19, when he got that overdose of sodium.

Spears, who hails from Alabama originally, was living in a Fellowship Community in Chestnut Ridge, N.Y. with Garnett. This area is about 30 miles northwest of NYC. Some of the 150 residents that live there talked to the media and they are shocked over the crime that Spears is accused of.

One neighbor expressed that it is hard to believe that the Lacy Spears she knows would do this. A friend of Lacy's who stood up for the mother when first accused of killing her son, is now in disbelief what she has learned. She is shocked that the woman she called a close friend could be such a monster.

She wants Spears to get what is coming to her for the death of her son. Calling Garnett, "G," the friend said she knows that it won't bring G back, but at least if she is found guilty and sentenced, it will be justice for G.

While Spears was at the hospital with her son, she called a neighbor and asked that she throw away a bag that she had fed to her son through his feeding tube. That bag was found to have an "extremely high" concentrate of salt left as residue.

According to USA Today if this is tried as a Munchausen by proxy case, which is a psychiatric disorder, it will be the first of its kind for this court. Munchausen by proxy involves a parent, or caregiver, seeking attention and sympathy by keeping their child sick. In this case it led to fatal consequences for the child.

Spears faces a maximum of 25 years to life in prison for the murder charge and up to 25 years for the manslaughter charge. A nurse who first met Spears and her son when he was just six months old said that she is glad that they got Spears for this.

She believes that the child suffered by the hands of his mother for a very long time. She said there were signs way before this incident. "I wish we could have prevented this because there were signs," said former nurse Ginger Dabbs-Anderson.

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