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Labrador retriever put down after attacking pit bull and multiple people

Pit bull attacked by Labrador retriever
Pit bull attacked by Labrador retriever
Screen shot via KIMT News

According to Tuesday's KIMT News, a black Labrador retriever has been destroyed following multiple attacks on people, and other animals, in Alexander, Iowa.

The first victim of the Labrador's wrath was a pit bull named "Hades."

Hades' guardian, Chelsea Ersland, described what happened:

He’s from about maybe three or four miles away, and the dog came up and lunged onto him and my mom tried to pull him off and the dog turned after my mom and tried biting my mom,”

The pit bull suffered bite wounds to his leg and neck.

The retriever proceeded to attack Ersland, her boyfriend, as well as her mother.

The decision to have the dog destroyed came after more attacks happened to other animals on the property, including an attack on a woman who tried to stop the violence.

The Labrador retriever's owner opted to have the dog put down in order for a rabies test to be completed; the dog had not received any rabies vaccinations.

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