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Labrador retriever nabs top dog ranking and most popular in the United States

Labrador retriever owners know a top dog when they see one. According to a Feb. 1 Fox 8 Cleveland report, the Labrador retriever scored the no. 1 spot on the American Kennel Club’s list of most popular dogs for the 23rd year in a row.

Labrador retriever nabs top dog ranking and most popular in the United States
Photo by Gary Gershoff

It appears that bigger breeds are gaining popularity, especially in the United States. “Owning bigger breeds – an economic indicator of sorts – have been on the rise during the past five years,” said AKC Spokesperson Lisa Peterson.

Reuters reports that the French bulldog is no slouch either. Its popularity has significantly increased, according to the AKC, rising three spots to no. 11 on the national list. “That's a big jump. I haven't seen anything like that in any breed,” Peterson said. With the minimal grooming and exercise required by French bulldogs they are a great pick for everyone.

Showcasing the growing love of bigger breeds, the German shepherd took second place, followed by the golden retriever and the beagle, respectively.

“As the economy has improved, people are turning back to the big dogs they love, which cost more to feed and care for than the smaller breeds that saw a rise in popularity in 2007 and 2008,” during the financial crisis, Peterson explained in a telephone interview.

Other breeds making the list of most popular dogs in America include the Yorkshire Terrier, Boxer, Poodle, Rottweiler and Dachshund, Fox 8 Cleveland reports.