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Labrador retriever, and house, shot by police officer in Kansas

Via Justice for Echo FB page

According to KWCH 12 News, a Labrador retriever who escaped from her yard was shot multiple times by a police officer in Wichita, Kan, earlier this week.

The trouble began on Tuesday when "Echo," somehow slipped out of her fenced yard and allegedly chased after a boy who was riding a bicycle in the neighborhood. A call was made to the local authorities about a dog at large and the officer who responded has claimed that he was charged by Echo.

After the alleged "charge," the officer shot at the dog several times - the dog wound up with six bullet wounds and her owner, Dustin Cranston, also has several bullet holes in the siding of his home.

According to Garrett Rae, a neighborhood witness who was interviewed by KWCH News, the officer who shot the dog was "on a trip," and the witness believes that the officer was "enjoying the control that he had."

Despite being shot several times, Echo managed to make it into her home and amazingly, she is still alive.

A Justice for Echo Facebook page has been set up and on Thursday, the following update was posted to the page:

Echo made it through the night and I think she was out of the woods now now I just have to wait 9 more days until I can bring her home.

The child who sparked the initial call to the police, and who the officer had stated was injured by the dog, was said to be upset by what happened and according to the boy's mother, he was not bitten by the dog.

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