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Labor Union Favorability Ratings Fall

Labor Union Popularity Plummets
Labor Union Popularity Plummets
S. Thornton

A recent study conducted by the Pew Research Center indicates that union favorability ratings are plummeting. According the nationwide study conducted earlier this month, 41% of those surveyed held a favorable opinion of labor unions as compared to 58% in January 2007. These figures represent the lowest favorability ratings for unions since 1985.

Favorable ratings were down in nearly every demographic. The decline indicates that there is growing public skepticism about labor unions, particularly amongst Republicans, Independents, white males and individuals age 65 and older.

The most cited reasons for the decline are that individuals doubt both the necessity and the power of labor unions in the today’s workplace. So does anyone still believe that unions are necessary to protect workers? The saving grace for unions was that favorability ratings remained high amongst unionized employees, indicating a satisfactory rating by the people being serviced by unions.