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Labor tips for the dads


You beautiful baby is almost here!

Helping your significant other through childbirth is definitely something that you will want to prepare for.  As agonizing as it is to see your significant other in pain it is extremely important to be there for her during this difficult time.  After the labor and delivery is over you will have a beautiful baby.

Tips for Dads:

  • Do not rush to the hospital at first signs of labor.  It is very likely that they will just send you home until you are further along.  Truthfully, it is more comfortable to be at home in your own bed than at the hospital.
  • Be prepared to be there for a long time.  Your significant other will be in an extreme amount of pain for at least a few hours before pushing.  Bring distractions for her to get through the painful times.   Be prepared to tell her stories, bring card games and music to help distract her during her painful times.
  • Take lots of pictures and videotape if you two have agreed to it.  Be sure to take pictures over your significant other’s shoulder instead of aiming the camera directly into her. 
  • Understand what your significant other wants.  Be sure to talk it over with her before it comes time to deliver.  Since your significant other may be in a tremendous amount of pain she may not be in any position to want to communicate.  Since you have discussed it and know her better than the Doctor or nurses, be sure to let them know what she wants.
  • Help her through the contractions.  You will be able to see the contraction monitor as it is faced towards you.  Be sure to talk her through her contractions letting her know when one is coming and when it is almost over.