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Labor Day time to close your cabin for winter

Traffic jams,like this, are common on Labor Day in small Sierra's Nevada communities.
Traffic jams,like this, are common on Labor Day in small Sierra's Nevada communities.
Sidney Drabkin

Time to put the boat away, put antifreeze in the toilets, turn the heater to 50-degrees, to lock up the windows, to shut off the water, and then lock the cabin for the winter.

Every year on Labor Day, many people go up to their summer cabin to close it for the coming winter. The weather begins to change in September: it begins with colder nights and colder days. The children have to get ready for school, vacations are over for adults and their children, and the parents get involved in their children's school community.

Labor Day is the last vacation time for many families that have a summer cabin. They know that they will have to spend more time in the city instead of their cabin. In many cases, the wife spends more than half of the summer in their summer cabins with the children, while the husband stays in the city and goes to work. On weekend and summer days, the husband makes the journey to the cabin to be with his wife and his children. This goes on every year until the children starts college.

The only time they will be back to the mountain cabin is when the snow falls. Winter sports; such as, deer hunting, skiing, and snowboarding, naming only a few, will be the time their summer cabin will be open.

There are two main things that summer cabin owners must know, and that is, you must put antifreeze in you toilets if you don't want the toilet basin broken. The antifreeze prevents the water in the toilet basin from freezing. And the next thing, you must keep your heater at fifty degrees in the cabin, which saves you from having many items broken in the cabin from freezing.

We learned the hard way when we had our cabin in the Sierra Nevada Mountains. We had to replace a toilet basin and sever carpets in the upstairs bedroom. We also had to replace our electric stove with a gas stove. It made it easier for us to use the gas stove and our wood stove to keep warm, while the electric was out.

Therefore, cabin owners will be going to the Sierras to close their cabins for the winter, which would make the traffic going and coming heavy.

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