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Labor Day Monday 2014: Are liquor stores, post offices, banks, open or closed?

Labor Day 2014: What is open and what is closed on Monday Sept. 1?
Labor Day 2014: What is open and what is closed on Monday Sept. 1?
Rosie the Riveter Stamp Post Office

Labor Day Weekend 2014 is here and that means a three-day weekend for many folks as the unofficial last weekend of the summer is celebrated. Labor Day is Monday Sept. 1 this year, with the kids starting back at school this coming week. This means the hot, humid and sticky weather is ready to change to crisp and cool just around the corner. The days are getting shorter, which is all of the sudden very noticeable in the evening, another sign of the summer season winding down.

While most stores and restaurants are open for the three-day weekend, many other businesses and financial institutions remain closed until Tuesday. According to Saving on Aug. 29, the Post Office is one of the federal institutions closed for Labor Day. What is closed on Labor Day Monday 2014? Since Labor Day is an official federal holiday, government offices are closed.

Here is a list of Monday September 1 closings:

Government: Federal, state and local offices are closed on Monday Sept. 1.

Banks: Most banks are closed on Monday, you may still find a few open, like some inside the big supermarkets, but the majority of the banks are closed.

Post Office: Post Offices are closed and there is no mail delivery on Monday Sept. 1, except for Express Mail.

Courts: Most Federal and district courts are closed. Some municipals will hold adult arraignments and/or juvenile referral in some areas of the country, but most courts are closed.

DMV: Department of Motor Vehicle offices are closed Labor Day.

Financial Markets: Stock markets are closed on Labor Day, reports Value Walk.

Garbage pickup: Most municipals won't have garbage pickup on Labor Day Monday. You need to check with your town or city for their schedule. Most municipals push the garbage pickup a day ahead, but you need to check your town or city to be sure.

Transit systems: Most buses and trains are operating on their holiday schedules, which means fewer departure times and time changes in many of the transit systems nationwide. Check with your local train and bus stations for their holiday schedule.

Schools: Schools are closed on Monday Sept. 1.

Library: Libraries are closed on Labor Day Monday.

Liquor stores: Liquor stores are allowed to be open Monday in some states, but often it is up to the owner's discretion. Some liquor stores are opened but with reduced hours and in some states, regions or towns and cities within states close their liquor stores on Labor Day.

Liquor stores in Utah are closed, but Connecticut and Massachusetts liquor stores remain open, as each state has a different set of rules.

It is best to find out over the Labor Day weekend if the liquor stores in your area will open on Monday Sept. 1. You can check the liquor control board for your area here at State Liquor Control Board Directory for each state.

Here is a list of places that traditionally remain open on Labor Day Monday:

Beaches, most liquor stores, most supermarkets, most retail stores, some state and municipal parks.

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