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Labor Day - a day of rest and remembrance

Labor Day  a day of rest and rememberance
Labor Day a day of rest and rememberance
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Today is Labor Day, a national holiday in the US during which those of us who can, rest from our daily labors, and on which we applaud those who continue to work daily to keep our nation safe, moving forward and thriving. As with our work force within the country, those who are based outside of the US continue to go above and beyond the call of duty to make sure that we at home can continue to keep the country alive and strong.

Since the United States came into being, back in the 1700’s and up until today, our ancestors have labored to create and keep the principles of our national constitution as a standard of being in which we can all participate, every day. So far, it’s been an amazing experience, as our ancestors experienced, and now we are experiencing, the amazing growth of a nation. We have seen the invention and advances of the telephone, car, airplane, television, computers, and more, just within a century or so. Our modern day communications are now global, as we connect daily with most of the countries around the world. It is only when we look back to our rather rough beginnings that we realize how far we have really come.

So today, to all those currently in the work force, those who built our nation, those who will join it in the near future, and all laborers around the globe, let us salute and honor each other. We are all laborers for the greater good, whether we work below or above ground, or in orbit above our blue planet. Let us all continue to move forward, as we work with each other to raise each other up to be everything we can imagine.
In peace

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