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LaBonte Park: Marquette's cozy little waterfall park by the sea

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by Ray Anthony

LaBonte Park: Marquette's cozy little waterfall park by the sea

If you were out and about here in the City of Marquette and discovered McCarty's Cove: Marquette Michigan's premier park but couldn't find an available parking space, don't despair. Just 2.1 miles from McCarty's Cove is a cozy and quiet little waterfall park by the sea called LaBonte Park. LaBonte Park has very limited parking, however due to the parks small stature, most locals and site-seers alike simply pass it by and take it in by site.

I say, stop and smells the roses, or at least whatever flower bed arrangements the City of Marquette so beautifully maintains at the park. LaBonte Park also offers a man-made waterfall that gently cascades down it's rocky surface into a small pond below.

The waterfall at LaBonte Park has been the background scene for many wedding, anniversary and class photo, photo-shoots. You need not be a pro-photographer to take advantage of capturing some family photos in front of the LaBonte Park waterfall.

LaBonte Park has benches strategically placed beneath shade trees for a site-seer to get a bit of rest prior to moving onto another outdoor adventure at Presque Isle Park: The crown jewel site-seeing spot of Marquette Michigan.