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Labels and artists issue exclusive vinyl albums on Record Store Day


Artists, labels and indie music stores are teaming up for Record Store Day on Saturday, April 17, to bring exclusive vinyl versions of past albums directly to consumers. There will be rare pressings available (such as the Beastie Boys' white label album), new releases and vintage favorites, as well as a social environment conducive to music lovers everywhere. It sure beats downloading single songs on iTunes all alone on your couch.

When you buy vinyl albums, you are getting quality better than a CD (really)--and most of them come with codes to download DRM-free MP3s of all the songs for your computer/iPod. Plus, you'll be stimulating the local economy.

A full list of all the available goodies (and their quantities) can be found here, but here's a short list: Ani DiFranco's live @ Bull Moose, Bon Iver/Peter Gabriel "Come Talk To Me"/"Flume," Bruce Springsteen "Wrecking Ball" (Live @ Giants Stadium) b/w "Ghost of Tom Joad" (live, featuring Tom Morello), Buddy Guy's A Man in the Blues, Dave Matthews/Tim Reynolds "Squirm," b/w "Lying In the Hands of God" (recorded @ Theater for the Performing Arts, Las Vegas, NV), Elvis Presley "That's Alright Mama," b/w "Blue Moon of Kentucky," Flaming Lips and Stardeath and White Dwarfs covering Dark Side of the Moon, Gorillaz "White Flag," Hole "Skinny Little Bitch" from their upcoming album, Jimi Hendrix Live @ Clark University, Joan Baez's self-titled debut, a John Lennon box set, a Magnetic Fields box set, MGMT "Siberian Breaks," Neko Case's Middle Cyclone, Peter Gabriel/Stephen Merritt "The Book of Love" b/w "Not One of Us," REM's Chronic Town EP, Rolling Stones "Plundered My Soul, All Down the Line," The Doors "People Are Strange, The Crystal Ship," and more.

Hmm, that wasn't a very short list, was it?

A full list of all the record stores participating can be found here. Yes, there's more than just Amoeba in LA. Although they're participating, too. If you're a fan of music, you don't want to miss this--even if you are missing Coachella.


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