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Labcorp offers free continuing medical laboratory education (CMLE)

Guy behind a microscope
Guy behind a microscope
Photo by Joe Raedle/Getty Images

While the Indianapolis laboratory examiner works hard to produce high quality, PACE certified free continuing medical laboratory education (CMLE), it is my pleasure to review current free continuing medical laboratory education (CMLE) products which are currently offered by other providers. Click here to be directed to the free CMLE reviewed in todays review, Vitamin D: The Classic Story.

This first review is a free continuing medical laboratory (CMLE) educational activity offered by Labcorp. It is American Society for Clinical Laboratory Science (ASCLS) Professional Acknowledgement for Continuing Education (PACE) approved for 1 credit hour which means that the American Society for Clinical Pathology (ASCP) will accept it as part of the continuing maintenance program continuing education requirements.

The Indianapolis laboratory examiner is basing its free CMLE course review process criteria on what is expected from physician quality accredited CME. Our mission is to make information about free CMLE courses available to subscribers so they may determine whether taking the course will be worth their time and effort to register and take the course. Some CMLE programs are of better quality than others, and it is our hope that this review process will help learners make decisions when taking courses that could enhance their career path. Subscribers will be notified of changes made to the review process and the reasons why they were made.

The following course was completed by review on February 15, 2014

1) Name of program: Vitamin D: The Classic Story and the Emerging Role (2013 Relaunched)

2) Free registration site:

3) Does this program meet ASCP CMP CE guidelines? Yes

4) Does program provider also offer CME for physicians? Yes

5) Are the objectives clear and is there compelling evidence an educational needs gap be addressed? Yes

6) Does the content include refresher material or is this new content based on significant research from the last 7 years? Yes

7) How many questions are included in the quiz? 4

8) What is the required percentage for passing? 100

9) Can the quiz be retaken? Yes

10) Can a learner see how their responses compared to other learners? No

11) Can a certificate of completion be printed by learner on a future date? Yes

12) When does this program expire? January 11, 2015

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