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La Toya Jackson Previews Season 2 of "Life with La Toya"

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Like any member of the Jackson family, La Toya Jackson's life is never boring.

In the second season of her reality show, "Life with La Toya," which premieres on Oprah's OWN network this Saturday (June 7), the Indiana-born singer gets engaged to her longtime business manager Jeffre Phillips, reignites her passion for music and attends therapy for the first time.

"It's completely different this season. This time I don't hold back," exclaimed the 58-year-old performer regarding the new season. "Whatever I'm going through is what you see in the show. From me going through therapy and figuring out what's wrong and how to rectify it, correct it and move on with my life. to my journey to New York, where I decide to embark upon Broadway. so I go to off Broadway to do "NEWSical The Musical" and spend time working with Kym Whitley who teaches me how to be comical and deliver comedy lines so that when I'm on the stage," she added.

While doing her thing on stage, La Toya admits she got the bug to hit the recording studio again for the first time in years.

"After performing on stage I decided, 'I think I'm gonna do a song,' La Toya laughed. "So I went in the studio to record again, then we do a video, and after all that figured, "Let's perform and see how the audience likes it," she added.

But according to La Toya the performance didn't quite go according to plan.

"Everything goes wrong and it's embarrassing," Jackson exclaimed. "It's part of the life and you have to deal with it and you just keep moving forward. I go through this whole roller coaster ride of life and it's all there and it's all wonderful."

But through all the ups and downs, La Toya noted that there's no position she'd rather be in than where she is right now.

"I enjoy doing this show because it's my life and I think its' great that people get to know who I am and I hope they continue to watch me. I'm very fortunate right now to be in a good space."

Life with La Toya premieres Saturday, June 7 at 10PM EST.

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