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LA Times on ouster of Mozilla CEO Brendan Eich: 'Don't call it a witch hunt'

Mozilla Firefox Uninstall image
Mozilla Firefox Uninstall image

Michael Hiltzik of the LA Times posted an opinion piece Friday on the ouster of Mozilla's CEO Brendan Eich, urging readers not to refer to Eich's "resignation" as a "witch hunt."

The author made the argument that a CEO should be held to a different standard.

In the case of Eich, Hiltzik writes in part,

"The CEO of a company isn't just any employee; he or she is the face of the company, the standard-bearer and very much the standard-setter. As CEO, Eich had the power to heavily influence corporate policy at Mozilla, and although he publicly stated that he would uphold Mozilla's existing standards of inclusiveness and equal treatment in human relations, plainly these were at odds with his personal views."

Hiltzik's argument makes the leap that support of traditional marriage is "anti-gay."

Eich's support of of traditional marriage as evidenced solely by a 2008 donation does not prove an "anti-gay" bias.

Consider this question:

If support of traditional marriage is "anti-gay" (as it has been irresponsibly painted by the mainstream media), is support of gay marriage "anti-Christian"?

Of course not.

While it is likely that some who bash Christianity are supporters of gay marriage, it would be horribly wrong and irresponsible to paint all gay marriage supporters with such a hateful brush. Yet, that is exactly what has happened to supporters of traditional marriage.

As reported at Liberty Unyielding, Mozilla is getting slammed with negative comments.

This screenshot was taken at Mozilla's feedback page today, where thousands of comments have poured in by people promising to uninstall the popular web browser, Mozilla Firefox.

The comments do not reflect an anti-gay bias, but rather a love for the First Amendment.

As observed at Liberty Unyielding,

"Mozilla has every right to fire an employee for any reason. However, individuals who use Mozilla also have every right to steer clear of an organization that preaches tolerance, but practices tolerance only for certain viewpoints."

As evidenced by the comments on Mozilla's site, thousands of people are indeed practicing their First Amendment right to inform the company of their decision to uninstall Mozilla Firefox.

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