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LA Times columnist: 'Maybe Mexico did us a favor' in arresting Sgt. Tahmooressi

Robin Abcarian opines that Mexico 'did us a favor' by arresting Sgt. Andrew Tahmooressi

LA Times columnist Robin Abcarian tweeted Sunday that perhaps Mexico "did us a favor" by arresting Marine reservist Sgt. Andrew Tahmooressi, considering that he had "had 3 loaded guns and tons of ammo."

Abcarian pointed readers to her opinion piece at the LA Times, where she compares Tahmooressi to killer Elliott Rodger, insinuating that Tahmooressi's post-traumatic stress disorder from serving two combat tours in Afghanistan makes him a candidate to perpetrate a mass shooting.

As observed at Twitchy, "Abcarian would have you believe Mexico’s criminal justice system is corruption free and that Tahmooressi, if not for his arrest, was the next mass shooter."

Abcarian continued to write that "partisans are out there yammering about how President Obama should bully the Mexican government into ignoring its own laws and release Tahmooressi," she wrote. "Or about how Obama is a hypocrite because he won’t swoop in for Tahmooressi, but saved Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl, whom they have convicted of desertion without the slightest proof."

The first hand accounts of those who served with Sgt. Bergdahl have been consistent in their claim that Bergdahl deserted his post, as reported at CNN.

Further, Abcarian says, "This incident will allow him to receive the intervention he clearly needs."

The responses to Abcarian's tweet were swift. One person asked whether she considered the feelings of Tahmooressi's family, to which Abarian responded, "I do it because it's the truth as I see it."

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