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LA stroller style: The power of the Bugaboo

the trendsetter
the trendsetter
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If you feel the pressure to buy a super stylish stroller in order to fit in on the streets of Los Angeles, there is only one person to blame... Gwyneth Paltrow.

Yes, that's right.  Legend has it that the Oscar winning actress was the first celebrity to be seen pushing a Bugaboo on the streets of New York.  (She is also responsible for the rather alarming trend of naming children after pieces of fruit or obscure bits of fauna.  How such an unappealing figure became so powerful in the world of parenting is another unsolved mystery.)  When Dutch designer Max Barenbrug launched his high-end design on the streets of Holland in the late nineties, there was some resistance to the idea of an eight hundred dollar stroller.  Then the Bugaboo was featured on the HBO television series Sex and the City in 2002.  By the time Apple Paltrow was rolling around in 2004, the trend was off and running.

In the years that have followed, a number of different companies have jumped into the high-end stroller market, including Stokke, Orbit, Maclaren, BOB and UppaBaby.  Visit any farmer's market, Starbucks or park in Los Angeles and you will see all of these brands in abundance.  But in many circles, the Bugaboo remains the status stroller of choice.

In the early years of Strollersplosion, there were many complaints about the weight, size and general awkwardness of the Bugaboo, not to mention the price point.  Bugaboo has responded by offering different models, with prices ranging from $550-$900.  Both the Frog and the Bee come well recommended.  The strollers can be ordered online directly from the company or found at a variety of locations throughout Los Angeles.