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LA Stage Style - Fast Five with Vanaprasta

Meet Vanaprasta – a local, up-and-coming LA band with impeccable style onstage and off. This group of sexpots does more than look good onstage - on March 2nd you will be able to treat your listening palate to their first album “Forming the Shapes.” In the meantime, check out the interview below to emulate their look.

The ever-so-stylish sexpots of Vanaprasta
Photo: Jay Pullano

1. How would you describe Vanaprasta’s style?
A co-mingling of retro and modern. Western and European. Polished, yet messy. Past, present and future. Eclectic and interesting, yet still modest and unified – we also dress like lumberjacks.

2. Where do you shop?
Collin (guitar): American Apparel; vintage; Urban Outfitters for jeans; borrow clothes and never give them back (Note to self: never let Collin Desha “borrow” anything expensive.)
Smiley (drums): Jet Rag; Buffalo Exchange
Taylor (bass): Ben Sherman; Urban
Steven (lead singer): Pop Killer; American Rag; flea market on Melrose
Cameron (guitar): Vintage shops like Jetrag (dollar day!) and Wasteland; Urban for jeans

3. What are you wearing right now? Best answer: “wouldn’t you like to know…” Ok, seriously guys…
Collin: Sperry topsider boat shoes; White Obey tee with a Rottweiler holding a machine gun; skinny jeans
Smiley: Usually tees, nikes, pointy shoes, snake skin pants, fur etc. but right now I’m wearing basketball shorts and a t-shirt.
Taylor: Skinny jeans; hoody; beard
Steven: Brown leather boat shoes; Levi denim cutoffs; grey Delta Spirit T-shirt with a tiger on the front
Cameron: Track V-neck shirt; black skinny jeans; vintage black leather boots; Ksubi sunglasses - I’m usually casual, but am always looking for an excuse to wear a tie…

4. Does what you wear onstage reflect what you wear in everyday life?
Collin: Yes, sometimes I feel like a Rottweiler holding a machine gun.
Smiley: I don’t wear shoes when I play the drums, but everything else is basically the same.
Taylor: Yes, but with a bit more "edge" and thought behind it, especially when we have to consider what each other will wear.
Steven: Yes.
Cameron: Not always, but sometimes that's the point.

5. Who is your style inspiration/icon?
Collin: Flaming Lips – they just look good, regardless of style.
Smiley: Jimi Hendrix was the coolest looking musician of all time.
Taylor: Yeasayer
Steven: John Varvatos (check out the Converse x John Varvatos "Get Chucked" campaign); Justin Bell
Cameron: Phoenix ("If I Ever Feel Better" video); Interpol


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