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LA publisher Pixie Press Worldwide debuts in 'sustainable' style

Celebrity photographer John Russo's new book, "About Face".
Celebrity photographer John Russo's new book, "About Face".
Enzo F. Cesario

Camera flashes lit up the penthouse deck at Hollywood's London Hotel as LA's creative community gathered to celebrate the debut of Pixie Press Worldwide. But this was no ordinary launch party; everything about this event illustrated how the publishing industry is reinventing itself with fresh new ideas. For example, the event itself was designed to offset the carbon footprint a soiré of this sort may leave by adopting a sustainable forestry project which will protect over 64,000 acres of forest habitat. But going carbon neutral is just the beginning.

At center stage of the evening was the limited edition book, "About Face", a visually stunning collection of images by celebrity photographer John Russo. Printed using alcohol-free vegetable ink on recycled paper containing post-consumer waste and manufactured using 100% wind power, this first work by the publisher is an elegant example of how you can use the latest green technologies without compromising quality. "We want to firmly establish ourselves as a publishing house that is committed to delivering luxury books and caring about the environment,” said founder Jordana Woodland.

"About Face" contains bold black and white portraits of over 100 male Hollywood celebrities, athletes and fashion models. The images were captured using natural light and shot on vintage Polaroid film. The result is a raw and personal look into the eyes of fame and the chiseled male persona. The photographs are accompanied by inspirational quotes, adding another layer of complexity and beauty to the work.

In addition to the green initiatives set forth by this book, a portion of each sale is donated to Smile Train, a charitable organization focused on solving cleft lip and palate issues for children living in developing countries.

In a world where digital media threatens the very art of bookmaking, Pixie Press Worldwide offers a fresh new look at how publishing can balance art, commerce and sustainability and spread good-will while doing it.


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