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LA Police Chief Beck predicts LA will end this year with 300 fewer homicides than 2009

LA Police Chief Beck and Mayor Villaraigosa at a presentation regarding the decline of crime rates.
LA Police Chief Beck and Mayor Villaraigosa at a presentation regarding the decline of crime rates.Photo Copyright belongs to

During a luncheon with the civic group Town Hall Los Angeles on Thursday Los Angeles Police Chief Charlie Beck projected that the City of Los Angeles will finish this year with 300 fewer homicides than last year. According to Police Chief Charlie Beck since last year there’s been a 7.5% decrease in property crimes and violent crimes in Los Angeles.

In comparison to the early 1990s where crime levels were incredibly high, there has been a 75% decline in the city’s murder rates. In 1992 approximately 1,200 people were murdered in Los Angeles. So far this year 216 people have been murdered, while 236 people had been murdered this time last year. 2009 ended with 314 murders.

According to Beck, “Barring a major surge in crime over the new few months, it would be the ninth consecutive year that crime rates have fallen in LA.” Crime rates began to drastically fall during the tenure of former Los Angeles Police Chief William J. Bratton, who served from October 2002 to his resignation in October 2009.


  • Anonymous 4 years ago

    There is NO WAY the murder rate has dropped 75%! I with that were the case, but it's not. The murder rate is only down due to the numbers shell game the LAPD is playing with the city's safety. Basically, the Homicide Units have stopped assigning a 187 DR number to the cases that do not yet have a named suspect or victim. DR numbers are the way these crimes are tracked, and if there is not 187 DR number assigned, then in the stats the murder will not even be factored in. Hence a dramatic drop in the murder rate. So the illusion is that murder is down, but Chief Beck is being disingenuous and straight up lying to the media and to the Los Angeles people. This truly disturbs me, to be working for a department that has these corrupt people at the top.