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La Mesa set to upgrade main streets safety

Federal money makes work on keeping La Mesa residents going the right direction on Spring Street, and, north on the path from City Hall, a settled safety upgrade job. A 1.5 million dollar total secured from the Federal Highway Safety Improvement Program adds to local transportation funds the city has on hand for two upgrade projects.

The two grants La Mesa took from the federal government will pay for work on lowering dangers to drivers and pedestrians. without limiting La Mesans transportation decisions made on the roadway. Along the busy travel lines, traffic flow will typically move ahead on better time, and, walkers and bicyclists, move ahead on open straight paths.

Walkers' path in and out of north and south La Mesa over I-8 on the Spring Street bridge no longer will stay a road filled with traffic that comes past. Workers will put in a sidewalk planned using a local 2008 transportation fund and a Caltrans grant. Pedestrian passage will be made safe.

Traffic will stop and go at safer times at the busy intersections down the street past La Mesa Boulevard. At the El Cajon BOulevard, University Avenue and La Mesa Boulevard intersections, street crossers will use countdown pedestrian signals and push buttons the disabled can use. Video camera watch will detect traffic violators.

La Mesa took the second federal grant to solve safety problems along a City Hall path the city no longer could ignore. Intersection upgrades will get done at the traffic signals at intersections north of Allison Avenue and Date Street drivers steadily drive through at Baltimore Drive and University Avenue and at Fletcher Parkway and Jackson Drive, and Amaya Avenue. Workers will put in the countdown pedestrian signals and the ADA compliant push buttons. And, install video camera detection.

Controls over traffic singal timing work together quicker than in the past.

Drivers will get better opportunities at the busy intersections to drive with the traffic flow. Walkers safe crossings.

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