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La Mer watch collection is at Envious Boutique in Kokomo Indiana

La Mer Watch Collection
La Mer Watch

La Mer Watch Collection is now at Envious Boutique in Kokomo Indiana! La Mer Watches are found in high-end boutiques all over the country, but they are so affordable at only $88-$110!

The oversized watch has been the fashion accessory for some time, but the La Mer Collection offers more than just gold or silver to choose from. They come in many colors, styles, patterns and come very detailed in studs or even chains, so they really resemble a great cuff as well. No more having to decide whether to wear a watch or a chunky bracelet, now you can wear both in one!

All La Mer watches come with a 2 year factory warranty so you definitely get your moneys worth!

Let us know what you think of the collection! Are you a fan?