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LA Marathon

Despite the inconvenience of maneuvering the blocked roads Sunday morning, anyone who was close enough to the LAmarathon path could feel the excitement of the runners and the crowd as they cheered on the exhausted, adrenaline fueled athletes who have spent their Sunday morning running 26.2 miles through the street of LA. If this interests you then you are going to need a plan.

2010 LA Marathon winner Wesley Korir of Kenya finishes in 2:09:19

Come race-day the plan you pick will matter. Regardless as to which plan you choose if you want to be able to finish the race it is crucial you make to the starting line without injury. A few tips to help you prevent injuries that will keep you from running, as a beginner to marathons avoid any plan that requires that you increase millage quickly . Your body has a threshold and rather than figuring out your personal threshold byway of pulled muscles, shin splints, or hip problems is to not give your body too much too quickly. 1 mile increase a week will keep you from overwhelming your body, if you run 7 miles a week now next week try 8 miles, do not jump to 20 mile weeks just because you need the miles. If you feel the onset of an injury, do not run on an injury. Make time to stretch, ice, and show any additional TLC to your body to stunt the injury or re-nurse your body to full health, do not try to get back in your sneakers to soon. Finally listen to your body. If your body is telling you something is wrong, find out what it is and address it.

Now that you are going to stay pain free for race day you may pick a plan. Look for a plan that is specific to your running level. If this is your first marathon it is best not to look for a plan for those trying to run a 3:30. It is your first marathon, no matter what time you run you are guaranteed to run a personal best. Runnersworld has plans for all stages of marathoners, from beginners to seasoned marathoners. You may not run 2:09:19 like 2010 LA Marathon winner Wesely Korir or female winner Edna Kiplagat who ran 2:25:38, but by finishing a marathon you are part of a very small percentage of people who can say they ran 26.2 miles at one time, that means you win.  


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